‘Star Wars Episode VII’ to be shot on film, not digital

‘Star Wars Episode VII’ to be shot on film, not digital

Artist Adam Schickling's fan-made poster for the next "Star Wars."

(Credit: Adam Schickling)

Never mind about Baffman, this is the best geek news of the day. The new “Star Wars” movie, Episode VII, will be shot on good old-fashioned film, like the originals — not the digital cameras used in Episodes I-III.

At an event hosted by the American Society of Cinematographers, cinematographer Dan Mindel, who worked with new “Star Wars” director J.J. Abrams on the recent “Star Trek” flicks, confirmed he’d be shooting on 35mm Kodak film, Boba Fett Fan Club reports.

Mindel first worked with Abrams on “Mission: Impossible 3” and taught him how to create the lens-flare effect he crams into every single second of the “Star Trek” movies. What a great debt we all owe him.

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